If you decided to lose some weight the most important thing you should remember is that crash diets and bursts of exercise would be unnecessary and even dangerous distress for your body. You don’t need to either starve or exercise till complete exhaustion. Your body will be much better if you introduce changes gradually. Increase the amount of physical activity little by little, day by day. The same about nutrition: introduce new eating habits gradually, so that complete change of a diet won’t be a shock for your body.

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Tip #1: make a plan.
Make lists of exercises you’ll practice and food you’ll eat, exclude some products and/or alcohol, and keep to the list.

Make a plan for each week for a couple of months, and then keep a daily diary to tell about everything you do and anything you eat. A diary will help you notice your mistakes, and with the help of an on-line blog you will probably find like-minded people, support and helpful advice.

Tip #2: reduce calorie intake gradually.
Calories are the main reason why so many people are overweight. But cutting out completely the intake of calories isn’t a good idea. Crash diets (daily nutrition value less than 1500 calories) are both ineffective and harmful, they often don’t help people lose weight but vice versa can lead to even more serious problems with weight and health in general.

Cakes, sweets are the worst enemies of your waistline. But that doesn’t mean that from now you mustn’t eat them at all. It means that their consumption should be less by 300-500 calories each day, which leads to a loss about one or two pounds per week. Don’t be afraid that it’s too slow: with small steps you’ll walk much further.

Tip #3: switch to a plant-based diet.
We consume fats, the main source of calories, with fatty foods. Switching to reduced consumption of fatty foods and increased consumption of fruit, vegetables, and wholegrain is a great step on the road to a slim figure.

Tip #4: best foods to lose weight:
Pay attention to this list and try to eat something from it each day.

Apples. An apple a day keeps weight gain away. It’s a perfect snack if you feel a bit hungry between meals, plus it contains antioxidants, which improves metabolism.
Eggs. They are good for trimming inches too. They are good as an omelet with skimmed milk and some vegetables.
Oats. Steel-cut and rolled varieties contain 3 to 4 g fiber per serving, which is the most filling choice.
Lentils. Eating lentils prevents insulin spikes, the cause of excessive weight, and helps keep your belly flat.
Wild salmon. High level of Omega-3 fatty acids leads to a higher insulin sensitivity, which decreases belly fat and builds muscle.
Avocado. It contains heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, which makes avocado a great weight-loss fruit.
Oliveoil. It contains healthy fats too, which increases satiety, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which is extremely good for metabolism.
More foods to lose weight: parmesan, tarragon, sardines, quinoa, pomegranates, almond butter, blueberries, buckwheat pasta, kale and many others. Never stop discovering new healthy weight-loss products.
Tip #5: patience and perseverance.
You won’t lose weight in a day or two. You’ll probably need week or even more to feel the progress. The main point is never give up! Keep on changing gradually your eating habits and don’t be disappointed if one week you don’t lose weight or even gain a little bit. It’s normal, keep your motivation up and stick to healthy nutrition, it’s always good for your health.