Cycling is now incredibly popular with people of all ages. A rise in concern for the environment coupled with fitness goals has led a lot of people to take up cycling as a hobby or in their daily lifestyle.

Another reason for the growth in popularity of cycling is the increased presence of cycling on TV in sport. The Tour de France, Olympics and other cycling events have cast a spotlight on the sport and people are more keen than ever to start riding.

Cycling is not just fun and popular but it’s now a great way to explore the local area. With more people cycling we’ve seen a growth in the number of biking/ cycling clubs all over.

What is a Biking Group?

A biking group or cycling club is where people come together to go cycling. It can be to train for some kind of event and compete or it can just be for leisurely rides. A number of biking groups help to teach people to ride safely on the roads and give them the confidence to cycle on their own.

Biking groups are often created for younger people so they can learn in a safe environment. Often there will be cycling events that these groups will attend that will let cyclists have a chance to compete in races and meet others who enjoy cycling more seriously.

Just like a running club or any other club, biking groups are a place where those with the common interest of cycling can interact and get even more from their favourite pastime. 

Why Join a Biking Group? 

The main reason for joining a biking group is if you’re looking to take it more seriously. If you want to compete you’ll do well to find people who can help you train and point you in the right direction of events.

It’s also great for those who want to be a bigger part of the cycling community. You can talk about what’s going on and compare the latest bikes to make sure you’re on the ball with everything to do with cycling.

What to look for in a Biking Group

If you’re looking to join a biking group there are a number of websites detailing where all the registered cycling clubs are. In order to find the best one for you you’ll want to look out for:

  • Location

Ideally your bike club will be local to you. This means you won’t have to travel far to get to it and you’ll have the advantage of knowing the surrounding area if you go out to ride.

  • Level

You’ll first want to check what kind of biking club it is you’re joining. If you’re a beginner or less experienced then you’ll need a more leisurely place to ride. If you’re looking to compete or join a team then you’ll have to search for that specifically.

  • Members

By looking at how many members are in a biking group you’ll get an idea of how good it is. Realistically it will depend on the area how many there are, but the busier the club then the easier it should be get involved with.

Biking groups vary in size and ability. Some places have a lot of different cycling clubs while others don’t really have much going on, it just depends. It’s definitely worth searching the local area to see what you can find because a great biking group can making cycling a lot more fun.

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